Make the Winning Choice with Coraza


Coraza was founded by a group of sports enthusiasts who know how important winning is for athletes. You train hard all year and deserve to win.


We care about you. We want to see you succeed and look good while doing it.


There’s nothing more disappointing than seeing an athlete succumb to an avoidable injury and be sidelined after all the hard work that they put in. That’s why, our equipment is meticulously designed by professionals in North America, before our skilled staff in Columbia brings these ideas to life.


We use the highest quality of materials to ensure that you stay protected while you do what you love.


Everyone in our design and manufacturing teams ensures that you are the main focus of our business. Our designs focus on maximizing protection for athletes and protect them against a many possible injuries. With Coraza, you don’t have to worry about cramps, scuffs, or constantly readjusting your equipment. We design our gear to keep you immersed in the game.


You can’t have fun unless you’re comfortable, and Coraza believes in maximizing comfort.


Athletes train in extreme temperatures, because the grind never stops. Whether its burning hot, or cold, our equipment delivers the best performance in every condition. By using breathable fabrics, we ensure that you stay dry and comfortable.