About us

Founded in 2016, Coraza set off to empower athletes by giving them an upper edge by providing them with the ultimate protective sportswear. We are a group of sports fans, who believe that any sporting event is a war. There is always someone who wins, and someone who loses.


Similar to how Attila the Hun introduced stirrups to empower soldiers in the Hundred Years’ War, Coraza aims to give athletes that added advantage to triumph. When athletes are inches away from each other, under the pressure that a single mistake could cost them the game, they need anything to give them the advantage over the rest.


At Coraza, we strive to make the equipment that gives you the upper edge over the competition. We believe in empowering champions, and we want to ensure that you are protected and look great while doing it.


As a winner, you will find yourself under the spotlight, so you should always look good when you’re there by wearing Coraza equipment.